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DGM FREIGHT and DGM Group have been stably and reliably operating since 2007. We provide full and partial load freight transportation and forwarding services. If you are searching for a relatively small and efficient forwarding company, DGM FREIGHT is your best choice!

We have worked hard to gather a team of professional employees; therefore, now we can offer you the highest quality freight transportation and forwarding services. The professional specialists working in our company will help you to save money and time, as we take care of our clients and strive to make the transportation process of the highest quality and reliability as much as possible and as fast as possible.

DGM FREIGHT offers the services which cover a variety of fields related to freight transportation and forwarding organization. Our freight forwarding service is covered by civil liability insurance at company „Marine Underwriting Services“ SIA.

We are proud of being an honest company which works for its own sake and the sake of its clients; we put a lot of effort to determine the needs of our clients. We seek to become a partner in freight forwarding between Lithuania and the UK; we seek to be more than just a voice” on the other end of the wire!

Freight forwarding is the package of services our company offers which optimises freight delivery process. This package includes the following:

  • Selection of appropriate transport: freight can vary in size, other significant attributes can vary too which a transportation services providing company has to consider when organising freight transportation process;

  • Route selection: for quality freight transportation it is necessary to comprehensively select the freight transportation route, especially when freight has to be delivered quickly; route selection is one of the main services in freight forwarding;

  • Management of essential documents: a transportation company has to manage all documents that are essential for the transportation;

Freight forwarding services do not end with the delivery of a freight from point A to point B. This is a complex process which includes various actions performed with a freight and essential documents for freight transportation; before receiving a freight it is necessary to properly manage the documents; secondly, different freight types require different machinery to load and unload them, as well as human resources; if a freight while being transported crosses the border, it is necessary to have the knowledge of customs office laws, etc.

Freight forwarding assures that all freight transportation stages are implemented according to mandatory requirements. Our freight forwarding company offers a full complex of services related to freight transportation and forwarding. DGM and DGM FREIGHT Group have rich experience which is essential for successful performance in this field.